'Without a revolution in thinking, nothing of magnitude is ever achieved.' 



At the core of MSQUARE PRODUCTIONS is the desire to facilitate authentic connections and experiences through immersive storytelling. Beyond grand imagery and technical proficiency, we utilise a uniquely cinematic lens to bring audiences through journeys that provoke thought and inspire emotion. This is as we believe in the power of a well-crafted story to reframe one’s perception of the world.

As a boutique production company we take pride in our approach and craftsmanship to every project we take on. As a fully integrated company we cover all services from pre-production to post-production including Project Development and Brand Diversity.

How we treat our people is a huge part of our culture and overall impacts the results we are able to provide our clients. At MSQUARE Productions our priority has always been to hone on talent and allow for continual growth. We believe that relationships within our team is just as important as relationships between us and our clients – it’s the foundation to producing great work.

At MSQUARE Productions whatever project we take on, we take on with dedication and passion. We believe ideas with dedication and passion at its core is the blueprint for a carefully crafted product and filters through everything we do.



Following the fundamental makeup of what we do best – storytelling – we believe story-based branded content offers a memorable experience that audiences can connect with. At MSQUARE Productions we’ve developed a harmonious marriage between storytelling and each brand to deliver a unique experience that stimulates conversation and inspires the audience.

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Binge Watching – the practice of watching multiple episodes of a series or TV programme in rapid succession. We believe in well-executed complex storytelling that offers authentic performances, rich visuals and interesting characters. We offer the audience compelling stories that leave them emotionally invested, binge watching and eager for more.



Cinema that stands the test of time starts with a great story. We focus on four core components – what is the underlying message we want to tell, are the performances authentic, the characters relatable, and how do we want the audience to feel. Every film we produce starts and finishes with ‘the story’.

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