Telstra | Classified | ‘An Original Cyber Security Series’


35,000 Global Employees in 2017

88% avg. Viewer Retention Rate

Top 95th percentile worldwide
class-benchmarked performance

12 Week Cyber Security Campaign



Telstra, approached MSQUARE with a challenge: their Cyber Security team wanted to to produce a series of ‘training videos’ that would raise awareness about Cyber Security to their 35,000 employees. They wanted to capture their viewer’s attention and leave a lasting impression on them. We developed a video format that would ‘humanize the information’ in the same way that people consume TV shows. We call it ‘Educational Entertainment’. On the outside, we’re entertaining the audience through a compelling storyline, but underneath we’re actually educating them on specific information. Through a strong collaboration with Telstra’s Cyber Security team, we were able to build an accurate technical foundation to support the narrative story. That way not only does the content meet the training objectives – but all the technical details throughout the story are accurate. This is one of the main benefits: we combined the power of storytelling with technical accuracy.


Brand Identity & Strategy

Concept/Creative Development

Behavioral Change

Educational Entertainment

Live Experiences

Illustration & Storyboarding


Script Writing

Film Production



MSQUARE designed Classified to address behavioral change through the power of storytelling by producing a complete program suite that included: custom-branded episodes, security subject advisories, performance analytics, campaign benchmarking, private hosting, teaser trailers, motion screen assets, movie posters, episode themed email banners, an optional Classified multiple choice training program and a complete customer journey experience map.



Telstra launched a 12 week cyber security campaign which included employee workshops, news articles, cyber drills, live events, hacking demos, and social media posts. The campaign was themed around Classified, from movie posters to email banners – and it went on to be Telstra’s most successful company-wide cyber security campaign to date. MSQUARE also benchmarked Classified’s performance which has succeeded at the top 90th percentile worldwide – outperforming the majority of videos in its class. Off the back of it’s success, Classified has been co-developed by MSQUARE and Telstra as a security training program for Telstra customers and has been adopted and successfully rolled into other major organizations including Vodafone NZ, Victoria Supreme Court, Real Estate Australia, Ventura Home Group and more.

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