FILM | The Grand Palaver



Official Selection, Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards

Official Selection, Australia International Sci-Fi Film Festival

Official Selection, Los Angeles Cinefest

Official Selection, Bucharest Shortcut Cinefest

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Film Production

Concept/Creative Development

Script Writing


Sound Design

Illustration/ Storyboard

Visual Effects

Original Composition

Art Direction

Production Design


Part Dante, part Spielberg, think ‘The Burbs meets E.T. and The Goonies’. It’s 1989, The Grand Palaver centers around a group of young friends who are convinced that their strange old neighbor has built a machine that can travel to another universe. Set in the modest suburbs of the 1990’s when kids still used their imagination in a way where fantasy blurs the line with reality. A group of friends spend their summer break together and begin to take notice of the strange man living next door. When the adventure-seeking trio determines that their strange neighbor appears to be building a grand contraption, their curiosity ultimately leads them closer to the truth. Things heat up when the neighborhood begins experiencing phenomenal occurrences and a government agency begins investigating the matter further - it’s up to the young companions to help their neighbor return to where he’s from before it’s too late.

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The Grand Palaver was officially selected to premiere at the Sydney International Sci-Fi Film Festival. The film received positive international reviews from its private screening, attended by film and media industry execs and critics. The fantasy adventure film went on to be officially selected by major film festivals worldwide and is currently in development for a TV series.

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