SONY | "Immerse Yourself"


International Collaboration: USA & AUS

12 months pre-through-post

1950’s Russian Primes x KOWA Anamorphics

Shot on ARRI Alexa Mini & Red Gemini

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Brand Film

Concept/Creative Development

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Sound Design

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Sony’s flagship MDR-XB950 Extra Bass™ Wireless Headphones were developed with high-end audio and Bluetooth connectivity in mind, while maintaining Sony’s stylish design. The MDR headphones have a strong presence with young, aspiring musicians across the music industry and have gained traction as a practical yet stylish choice for artists in the R&B community.

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The team at MSQUARE worked together to develop a cinematic solution to connect with Sony’s young, hip-hop audience. It was important to focus on aspiring creatives as the primary audience, with a soft focus on the Sony headphone product. The delivery of the narrative should feel relatable and inspirational, nodding to the heroes in films whose personal journey captivates and inspires us.

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Sony “Immerse Yourself” was written and conceptualized by Michael Cristian Greene as an introspective glance at the personal trials and tribulations faced by aspiring artists. This story in particular focuses on the brand’s niche target audience – young, urban, aspiring hip-hop artists. Michael’s vision was to capture the defining moments of the main character’s life and share these emotive glimpses with the audience – a style most notably used in Michael’s work. During the scripting and development stages, it was important to consider how each of the main character’s milestones would influence his decisions to overcome his fears and immerse himself into his music - an overarching catalyst that drives the story. Michael wanted to maintain an authentic narrative as the primary focus and have the Sony headphones as the character’s indispensable tool. Subtextually, the headphones provide the young artist with a physical and emotional layer of comfort and support, accelerating his ability to immerse himself into his craft and embrace his destiny.

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