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Telstra LANES® Emergency is a world-leading mobile broadband data service designed specifically for the mission-critical communications of Emergency Services. It can help Emergency Services to improve situational awareness, officer safety, command and control, and much more.

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Our client Telstra engaged MSQUARE to develop a brand film for Telstra LANES® Emergency Services - and to illustrate the industry’s increasing reliability for data intensive applications to improve operations. Telstra wanted to capture the features of the LANES service including priority access of the LTE network, the 24x7 assistance and the LTE coverage portals.

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Telstra ‘Public Safety’ was developed by writer/director Michael Cristian Greene and the MSQUARE team. The creative concept focuses on one of the busiest times of the year – New Year’s Eve – to illustrate LANES priority network service during high cellular network usage. When an elderly person is injured amidst the activities, emergency services are contacted using Telstra’s LANES service, providing a seamless solution across the network and emergency organizations involved. The final brand film was released publicly and was recognized by stakeholders for the films’ sense of sincerity to capture what was previously considered a data-driven service.