ATELIER LUMIRA | “What does love smell like to you?”


27,000 Immediate Impressions in the first 90 minutes

6 Social Cut-down Versions

Valentines Day Campaign Roll out

72-hr Concept-to-Delivery Turnaround Time

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Concept/Creative Development


Talent Casting


Film Production

Illustration & Storyboards



Atelier LUMIRA is a luxury scent brand that specializes in original hand-crafted scents and perfumes. The brand has a successful candle range which has been featured in lifestyle publications worldwide.

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MSQUARE was engaged by Atelier Lumira to conceptualize and produce a Valentine’s Day campaign for Lumira’s Australian audience.

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The team at MSQUARE developed a set of recognizable profiles that ranged in age, ethnicity, gender and taste to represent a series of engaging individuals who embrace Lumira’s aesthetic in their everyday lifestyle. Using real people, we angled the campaign with a non-scripted approach that captured an authenticity from each individual’s personality. The series of videos complimented their natural reactions to the question “What Does Love Smell Like To You?”. The result was a collection of real, unscripted moments, that naturally coexist in a relatable way. The campaign was shared across social media with a cut-through of over 27K immediate impressions within the first 90 minutes.