SEUPY | Lilac Kiwi


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1950’s Russian Primes/Kowa Anamorphic Film Lenses

1 Week Turnaround

Sydney x Los Angeles Collaboration

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A young guy spends the best day of his life with the girl of his dreams, but when the day comes to an end, reality sets in that he can never be with the girl he loves…

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A series of unexpected events brought Seup and the team at MSQUARE Productions together where he met film director Michael Cristian Greene. Upon listening to the Lilac Kiwi track, and learning about Seup’s story, Michael was compelled to bring Seup’s love story to screen. Drawing on a sense of nostalgia that modern gen eagerly embraces, Lilac Kiwi features a film look, sound and feel of early 90’s sweet and gritty authenticity. It’s multilateral love story reveals a guy and girl who seem entrancingly infatuated with one another from the moment they meet, and as the story unfolds we discover that fate has different plans for them, despite their undeniable connection. With a nod to Pulp Fiction that will leave Tarantino fans smiling, “Lilac Kiwi” is a single that will leave you humming to yourself on repeat, coupled with an emotive music video that will leave you nostalgic long after enjoying it.

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