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LDK Healthcare offers aged care communities that deliver a suite of technology and innovation, security and purpose built villages that center on the brands core values of delivering love, decency and kindness. Residents of LDK Healthcare are able to enjoy an inclusive community with a range of lifestyle amenities, classes, workshops, and in-home care providers along every stage of the resident’s aging journey.

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LDK Healthcare engaged MSQUARE Productions to produce their ‘Resident Stories’ campaign, which included a series of four Commercials for national television and digital distribution, as well as a photography campaign for billboard, brochure and OOH release. It was important that the residents represented a range of customers, including: single independent women, a resident with their pet,  independent couples, and residents requiring extensive care.

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The team at MSQUARE, led by director/writer Michael Cristian Greene, delivered an emotionally-driven campaign under Michael’s creative treatment (see Director’s Creative Vision below). The creative direction was drawn from Michael’s vision to align each ‘resident story’ with the personal anecdotes associated to the resident’s lives. Our team worked closely with the residents and LDK team to understand their personal history, interests, involvement in the community – shaping the narrative of each film to their personal stories. The resulting films received praised reviews and has gone on to become the brand’s most loved and shared campaign.

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One of the most compelling aspects of storytelling is how the audience relates and connects with the characters in the story, and we believe that we can all learn something about ourselves when reflecting on other people’s lives. There is an opportunity to capture the anecdotal component of our ‘hero’ characters in these stories to bring their story to life.

Each story should recall an interesting part of the resident’s journey in their life, establishing who they are, where they’ve come from or what they’ve done. This authentic component will tie into their current activities or interests in a way that brings their story full-circle. For the audience, there’s a sense of gratification we get when we notice a ‘seed’ planted at the beginning of a story, only to watch it resurface and unfold before us by the end of the story – and it’s this approach that will bring us closer to each of our resident’s stories as a viewer and as a human being.

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