Telstra, Australia’s largest telecommunications and technology brand, wanted to raise awareness
about Cyber Security threats and preventative measures to it’s employees.

35,000 employees across multiple countries, cultures and internal structures – communicating critical information on Cyber Security had become a challenge over the years. Telstra’s Cyber Security Team had to find a way to break through the noise, differentiate itself from the other internal communications and gain top-of-mind awareness from it’s employees.


MSQUARE Productions developed a Narrative Series Product - “Classified” - to engage the Telstra audience through a medium that they could digest the same way they digest entertainment: TV Series.

The application is consumed the same way as a bingeable TV series. Data and information from
security specialists was gathered under five primary topics: Phishing, Wi-Fi, Social Engineering,
Malware, and Information Disclosure. We then developed an idea for a five-part mini series, applying the data in a consumable way through realistic characters, the situations they are confronted with while taking the audience through a journey that follows a captivating storyline.

The information was visualized into a script with multilayered storylines, intriguing plot points, international characters, and information-rich context. After weeks of script re-writes, planning, preproduction, filming and post-production – we created Telstra’s first Educational Entertainment product, and Classified brought newfound success to Telstra’s security awareness campaign.

Over the course of 4 months, employees and customers were emotionally engaged and “Classified”
broke benchmark records in it’s class, ranking in as “Highly Excelled” in it’s viewer retention.


After a 12 week campaign, Telstra’s Cyber Security Team raised awareness and created advocacy
across the company in multiple territories through news articles, cyber drills, Classified themed security updates, Classified-themed live events and forums for employees, partners and customers, hacking demos, themed employee quizzes, Yammer and social media posts.
It has been their most successful company-wide cyber security campaign to date.

"Classified" was benchmarked against videos in its category worldwide. Its performance sits in the top 95th Percentile, outperforming the majority of content in it’s category.


“Excellent presentation, well directed, great acting,
interesting and informative. Look forward to watching
the rest of the series. Well done!”


“Wow! Very well done. Definitely raises your awareness
by explaining how it actually works! Well done! I look
forward to the next installment.”


“Congratulations again on developing such interesting,
engaging and informative videos.”


“I just wanted to provide you with some feedback on the security videos which have been published to date. I have an IT degree and consider myself extremely security conscious. I found the videos informative. They reinforced for me the message that no matter how good the security systems employed are, the weakest link is our people. The biggest challenge I can imagine is education. I definitely learnt new things. My sons (5 & 17 years old) have watched them and also found them entertaining and educational. I have also been speaking with my colleagues who have also expressed positive feedback on the series so far. Keep up the great work. I look forward to the next installment.”


“Really insightful video. It would be great if we could share these videos with family and friends. I’ve downloaded the banner to my email signature to help spread the word.”


“I found the series to be very well produced and entertaining. But the most important thing was that it highlighted the need to be more cautious around things that we take for granted every day... the series has motivated me to pursue a career change towards the cyber security sector. I’ve always been interested in the area but never formally did anything about it....until now. A big Thank You to you and your team for spreading the gospel on IT security! Looking forward to more videos and social engineering antics.”