LABO | Dreamstate


OFFICIAL SELECTION: Miami Fashion Film Festival

OFFICIAL SELECTION: Dominican Republic Fashion Film Festival for
Direction, Fashion Film

OFFICIAL SELECTION: Chelsea Fashion Film Festival

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Concept/Creative Development


Talent Casting


Film Production

Illustration & Storyboards



LABO is a creative agency and digital publication that advocates a culture of finer inspection on sensorial experiences. Using digital and social platforms as their medium of choice, LABO continues to produce content in the realms of design, art, fashion, food and travel. Dream State was conceptualized out of the need to capture the human cognitive process through simple, innocuous interactions.

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MSQUARE provided creative consultation to contextualize the concepts of female youth. We worked closely with LABO’s art department to design a visual language that associates key concepts to deliver an abstract story that promotes viewer interpretation in an engaging way. The color palettes of the film were designed to complement the juxtaposition of darkness and light throughout the film’s production design. After producing the film for LABO, we engaged Son Lux to use their song ‘Dream State’ a serendipitous coincidence in title and perfect score for the film due to its universal themes of deeply personal fare.

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