Telstra | “Cloud Network”


WINNER Gold Lion, London International Film Awards 2016 for Best Television Commercial

WINNER Gold Award of Excellence, 23rd Annual Communicator Awards New York for Branded Content

92% increase in product favorability

1st Brand Film to capture Telstra’s Cloud Network Service

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Telstra’s Cloud Gateway service provides seamlessly connected and secure cloud solutions from top global cloud vendors on a dynamic network.



Brand Film

Concept / Creative Development

Copy Writing



Film Production

Illustration & Storyboards

Visual Effects


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MSQUARE was engaged by Telstra’s Senior Marketing Executives to communicate Telstra’s leadership in providing secure multi-cloud connectivity to its business customers. The marketing team wanted to demonstrate the company’s capabilities and solutions to provide a seamlessly connected and secure cloud solution from top global cloud vendors and a secure and dynamic network. The MSQUARE team was tasked with visualizing the Cloud Network solution through a narrative format that captures the information in an exciting, educational and entertaining way.

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MSQUARE developed an original live-action brand film for Cloud Network that brought Telstra’s Cloud Gateway products to life in an exciting and dynamic way. The film follows two characters, James and Penny, a nod to cultural cinema references from the 007 James Bond franchise – and builds in cinematic suspense as the story unfolds around the capabilities of Cloud Gateway. The final result captured the imaginations of business customers and audiences alike, creating buzz across the industry and landing the production major recognition including the prestigious Gold Lion Award at the London Film Awards. Due to the film’s information-rich dialogue contextualized through cinematic storytelling, it has gone on to receive over 92% viewing favorability from Telstra business customers.