TELSTRA | Cloud Management Platform


92% increase in product favorability

120 stadium extras

120hrs post production

6-month campaign

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Concept/Creative Development



Film Production

Art Direction

Creative Direction


Script Writing


Our client Telstra wanted to connect with CIO’s and developers across multiple industries to showcase how Telstra’s Cloud Management Platform makes ‘cloud control easy’. Whether you’re a CIO or a developer, Telstra’s Cloud Management Platform lets you manage complex IT demands and move data across multiple clouds using a single interface.

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Telstra’s service, Cloud Management Platform includes a variety of features, however it was important to contextualize how the service would benefit the end-users and improve workplace performance.

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The brand film for Telstra’s ‘Cloud Management Platform’ was inspired by Wes Anderson’s style of filmmaking. Director/Writer Michael Cristian Greene conceptualized a workplace in motion using reveal techniques to engage the viewer whilst setting the scene through the perspective of the customer’s employees. Michael directed the camera and talent to utilize symmetrical framing to draw the viewer in and capture the visuals in a uniquely stylistic way without compromising the overarching message. The lead female character in the film represents the customer, allowing the audience to identify with the challenges she is working with and consider Telstra’s CMP solution vicariously through her. The tone of the film nods to the tongue-in-cheek style of Wes Anderson, alongside it’s carefully considered art design providing the viewer with a memorable and share worthy experience.